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Dollar / TL, began the day calm! Here are the current exchange rates

The dollar / TL was stabilized at 5.7250 after the day started to decline.

Yesterday in the markets in Asia with a low transaction volume of $ 5.8249'u time period, the dollar / TL, falling to 1.92 per cent compared to the previous day's value of 5.367'den finished.

The Dollar / TL has started to decline to today, and as of 09.50, it finds buyers at 5.7250, approximately 0.2 percent below the previous close. At the same minutes, the euro / TL is traded at 6.1545 with a decrease of 0.21 percent, and the pound / TL is down by 0.33 percent.


In international markets, the euro / dollar parity remains flat at 1.1212, sterling / dollar decreases by 0.22 percent to 1.2491 and the dollar index increases by 0.07 percent to 97.44.

Analysts said that the domestic and international data agenda is weak today and that the statements of US Central Bank members will be followed and that the 5.70 support will be raised in case of breakdown of 5.70 in technical terms.

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